Personal History Interviews


Personal History Interviews is the latest venture from the expert team of Ron Bliwas and Dan Gelfond, renowned, trained and professional interviewers for the Steven Spielberg Foundation.

Bliwas and Gelfond bring a rare sense of depth and perspective to the interview process. With an uncanny ability to bring out a subject’s “true self”, they go beyond the typical interview questions to find out what makes you tick. And how you became the unique person you are today.

Give your family the powerful story of your journey or that of someone you love, with a Personal History Interview. You’ll have a life portrait filled with honesty, depth and passion. There’s nothing like it – a documentary your family will treasure for the rest of their lives.

If memories aren’t shared, they fade away. If stories aren’t passed down, they disappear forever. Contact us today at 847.940.9999 to schedule your personal history interview.

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