Personal History Interviews


The Personal History Interview process begins with an interview of children and other close relatives of the interviewee. We ask them to provide a short list of unique and special stories that they’d like to hear. This ensures a heartwarming, touching, emotional and in-depth interview that will include the stories that are integral to the family’s history.

We coordinate a date for the interview at the interviewee’s home, at their convenience.

Personal History Interview videos.

The Personal History Interview:

We make sure the interviewee is comfortable and understands exactly what will take place and how the interview will be conducted. We take the utmost care to ensure the subject of the interview is comfortable while telling their life story. Our #1 priority is respect and privacy of intimate experiences. When ready, we set up camera, lighting and microphones and commence the interview.

After initial editing we provide a private secure link for our client to view a time coded video of the interview. Time coding is a running clock that appears at the bottom of the screen for the entire length of the interview. The clock enables our client to provide exact locations for selected photos to be inserted into the video.

We then finalize editing to create a perfect final product and provide a DVD and digital file to the client. We also offer an optional in home consultation to assist with photo selection and video insertion. The final edited video will be available on the same private secure link right on our website. You will be able to share your video with family and friends anywhere in the world.

We look forward to working with you and your family to create an amazing Personal History Interview. Please contact us today to get started on a video interview that will become a treasure.

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