Personal History Interviews

Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Communities are great partners with Personal History Interviews, and can offer a variety of benefits to new and existing residents.

  • Preservation of their legacies
  • Helping to relive their life story
  • Incentive gift to move into your Senior Living Communities

PHI can work with your facility in a number of ways.

Many communities offer a variety of promotional incentives for new residents of Senior Living Communities. Personal History Interviews offers a life changing promotional incentive that will be treasured forever and ever by the entire family and set your facility apart.

Personal History Interviews | Senior Living Communities

A Personal History Interviews video is an added value to Senior Living Communities.

Special Offering to Residents:

The Senior Living Communities get a referral fee and the residents get an added value bonus. Highlights from different interviews can be edited together for a resident’s only viewing party.

Speaking engagements to your residents and their families on the importance of preserving their stories. Both Dan and Ron will share stories from past interviews including those conducted for the Steven Spielberg’s foundation. These speeches are NOT a sales pitch.

The services we provide are uniquely tied to your clientele and is a perfect complement to your services. Please contact us today to discuss how we may work together.

And when we get together…Lunch is on us!!

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