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Memory Lane – January 5, 2016

Purewow Chicago

Your grandfather’s World War II tales are priceless family lore that you hope your own children will someday know by heart. And the story of how he wooed your grandmother is totally as romantic as The Notebook.

Now you can hire a professional documentary team to make a keepsake record of Nana and Pop’s experiences.

Personal History Interviews is a new Chicago-based business started by Ron Bliwas and Dan Gelfond, two local filmmakers who have worked on Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Project.

The pair will come to your loved one’s home and film an in-depth, two-hour interview that gets to the core of his or her life story and passions–from religion and travel to career and weddings. (Packages are $2,500 or $4,000. Hey, this is your heritage we’re talking about.)

First you’ll receive a rough-cut version of the film, so you can specify where you’d like the team to insert between 25 and 50 still photos, like that great shot of Pop with his first Buick or Nana holding your own dad as a baby.

Once the final cut is complete, you’ll get up to ten DVD copies for distributing to the fam. Best. Presents. Ever.

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